Waiting time

Get an appointed time and be there right in time. You’ve done all you could have done and the following won’t be on you. There are so many different people and facts playing with your future time. All you can do now, is sitting in the waiting room, hoping you’ll be next. While waiting you listen to other people conversations, “My appointed time was at 11 am, now it’s 3 pm”. Then listen to the women at the reception, “No Sir, actually Mr. Davis takes his lunch break, he’ll be back in half an hour.” The only question on your mind, why to hell are you sitting in the fucking muggy waiting room, filled with idiots, when the person, you’re waiting for takes his motherfucking lunch break for the next goddamn thirty minutes? Why did they gave you your appointed time at 11 am when they know it’s kind of utopistic to be ready at 11 am? This definitely sucks!

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