Friends… sometimes

The more they know about you and your feelings, the more they have to turn your life into hell. Am I the only one who told a friend, that I felt lonely and got the reaction that she didn’t invite me to her birthdayparty, where of course all my other friends were? Is she really a friend? I asked her about her strange behaviour and got the answer “I didn’t invite you because I thougt you felt so bad you wouldn’t like to go to a party”. At this moment I only felt like I loved to punch her. Punch is the word in this case, what she did to me was a suckerpunch. Not thinking about someting bad and at the same time getting a butt-plug as big as the empire state building in the ass. Thanks a lot, what about lubricant? You can’t always trust your feelings, you should ask your friends if you’re not sure. Getting a slap in the face that could have been avoided by asking sucks!

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